3 Ways to Shop

Being at the heart of the NYC Flower Market means there are several, easy ways for you to shop for flowers—in store, online and directly from the global auctions.

When you need flowers for either today or tomorrow and are located within the NYC area...

When you are placing an order in advance, for a later date...

When you are placing a bulk order in advance, for a later date...


Same Day

Pickup & Delivery


Place an Order

For a Later Date


Shop Global

Auction Direct

This is a collection of flowers that we currently have fresh, in shop and available for either pickup or delivery within the NYC area. 

When you are afforded the luxury of time in this industry (what a great thing!) you can shop either from this collection or directly from the Global Auction.


The Later Date collection typically includes more options than the Same Day collection because we can order specific items directly from the growers or auctions for you with those few extra days of notice.

To shop from the Global Auction, contact our team to be provided a login and password.

With this access, you'll be able to view options available at the Global Auction and purchase items that can be drop shipped directly to you, anywhere in the US. The Global Auction does have certain quantity requirements so some items may need to be purchased in bulk.

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